Our Mission

Caracas Shots


  • To contribute to the comprehensive education of the university youth within the Christian conception of life, considering their personal and community aspects.
  • To strive for accelerating the process of national development, creating consciousness of the country’s problematic and promoting development willingness. Consequently, the promotion of all human resources and, particularly, of youth would be of highly importance because we aim to achieve the development of every human as a whole.
  • To work for the integration of Latin-American in order to protect and enrich its common historical and cultural heritage. To promote mutual comprehension and rapprochement of nations in our continent. To safeguard the implementation of social justice. To overcome prejudices and contrasts that divide nations. And finally, to establish the peace founded in the core of ecumenical humanism.
  • To irradiate the university’s action, especially in the marginalized communities of the nation.
  • To promote Sciences dialogue between themselves, and also with Philosophy and Theology in order to achieve the universal, comprehensive and higher knowledge that makes sense to the university endeavor.
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